Special Interest Services

sunil-gargThe Special Interest Services are listed below. The conditions are treated by Key Hole Surgery or Arthroplasty. If you are interested in the services offered by Mr Garg please contact him on the Contact Details page.

Key Hole Surgery

Arthroscopic decompression of Shoulder
Shoulder pain is often due to rotator cuff impingement where the tendon (rotator cuff) is “pinched” by excess bone and decompression aims to remove the excess bone to decompress the tendon.

Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
The rotator cuff tendon may be torn and can be repaired by “keyhole” surgery. Occasionally if the tendon tear is large the repair may be done using a mini-open incision with augmentation by tendon graft if required.

Arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation
Recurrent dislocation or instability of the shoulder may require repair of the torn labrum (capsule/ligaments). This again is normally done arthroscopically. Occasionally if there is too much bone loss or the tissue too weak an open stabilisation may be required.

Elbow Arthroscopy
Some cases of chronic elbow pain may diagnostic assessment of the elbow which can be done through key hole, if necessary therapeutic interventions like removal of loose body, joint debridement, release of stiffness can also be performed.

Wrist Arthroscopy
Injury to the TFCC, cartilage inside the wrist joint and other carpal joints can be assessed better by wrist arthroscopy. Debridement repair of traumatic and degenerative conditions conditions can be simultaneously performed.


Shoulder replacement
If shoulder pain due to arthritis does not respond to physiotherapy or local injections, then a shoulder replacement can be undertaken. Nowadays a surface replacement is undertaken to minimise bone loss and speed recovery. Occasionally a total shoulder replacement or reverse prosthesis are required.

Elbow Arthroplasty
Introduction of newer drugs have dramatically controlled the severity of Rheumatoid elbows however some elbows still remain very painful and require replacement surgery. This is mainly a pain relieving procedure with a limited functional outcome.

Hand & Wrist Arthroplasty
Small joints of Hand and base of thumb are common sites of arthritis which may require joint replacement or excision arthroplasty after failure of conservative treatment. Pain relief from this treatment is usually satisfactory.